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Подробные указания по применению содержатся в руководстве пользователя.

[. . . ] Replacement should be performed by a qualified technician or a service person. WARNINGS FOR INSTALLATION / REMOVAL / REPAIR • Do not attempt to install/remove/repair the unit by yourself. Consult your dealer or other qualified service personnel for the installation/removal/repair of the unit. This equipment complies with the requirements of Directives 89/336/EEC and 73/23/ EEC as amended by 93/68/EEC. E-1 ENGLISH PRECAUTIONS CAUTIONS FOR USE a window or door periodically to ventilate the room, especially when using gas 1 Open appliances. safety, turn the circuit breaker off when not using the unit for an extended period of 3 For time. [. . . ] • After de-icing is completed, the unit automatically resumes operation in the HEAT mode. HEATING EFFICIENCY • The unit employs a heat pump that draws heat from the outside air and releases it into the room. The outside air temperature therefore greatly affects the heating efficiency. • If the heating efficiency is reduced due to low outside temperatures, use an additional heater. • It takes time to warm up and heat the entire room because of the forced air circulation system. TIPS ON SAVING ENERGY Below are some simple ways to save energy when you use your air conditioner. SET THE CORRECT TEMPERATURE • Setting the thermostat 1°C higher than the desired temperature in the COOL mode (and 2°C lower in the HEAT mode with models AY-AP18CE/AY-AP24CE) will save approximately 10 percent in power consumption. • Setting the temperature lower than necessary during cooling operation will result in increased power consumption. BLOCK DIRECT SUNLIGHT AND PREVENT DRAFTS • Blocking direct sunlight during cooling operation will reduce power consumption. • Close the windows and doors during cooling opeation (and heating operation with models AY-AP18CE/AYAP24CE). SET PROPER AIR FLOW DIRECTION TO OBTAIN THE BEST AIR CIRCULATION KEEP FILTER CLEAN TO ENSURE THE MOST EFFICIENT OPERATION MAKE MOST OF THE TIMER OFF FUNCTION DISCONNECT THE POWER CORD WHEN THE UNIT IS NOT USED FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME • The indoor unit still consumes a small amount of power when it is not operating. E-3 ENGLISH 20˚C D. B. -9. 5˚C W. B. • The built-in protective device may prevent the unit from operating when used out of this range. • Condensation may form on the air outlet if the unit operates continuously in the COOL or DRY mode when humidity is over 80 percent. PART NAMES INDOOR UNIT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 q w 1 Inlet (Air) 2 Open Panel 3 AUX. Button 4 Air Filters 5 Receiver Window 6 Louvre Unit Open to clean the inside of the air conditioner. 7 Power Supply Cord (AY-AP18CE/AH-AP18CEonly) 8 Indicator Panel 9 Vertical Adjustment Louvres 0 Horizontal Adjustment Louvres q Outlet (Air) w Remote Control e AUTO FAN SPEED Lamp (green ) e r t y u r FAN SPEED Lamp (green t PLASMACLUSTER Lamp (blue, green) y TIMER Lamp (orange u OPERATION Lamp (red ) ) ) OUTDOOR UNIT i o p i Inlet(Air) o Refrigerant Tube and Interconnecting Cord p Drainage Hose a Outlet(Air) a NOTE: Actual units might vary slightly from those shown above. E-4 REMOTE CONTROL 1 1 TRANSMITTER 2 DISPLAY (Liquid Crystal Display) 3 ON/OFF Button MODE TEMP. ENGLISH 2 4 THERMO. (Thermostat) Button 5 DISPLAY Button FAN TIMER TEMP. 3 6 MODE Button 7 TIMER ON Button (for setting the timer) 4 8 ONE-HOUR OFF TIMER Button 9 TIMER OFF Button (for setting the timer) 0 FAN Button q TIMER CANCEL Button w SWING Button e PLASMACLUSTER Button DISPLAY MODE 1h FAN SWING CANCEL 5 6 7 8 9 0 q w e (The heat mode symbol is provided only on models AY-AP18CE/AY-AP24CE) L. C. D. REMOTE CONTROL DISPLAY r MODE SYMBOLS : AUTO : HEAT : COOL : DRY : FAN ONLY r t : Manual setting (The heat mode symbol is provided only on models AY-AP18CE/AY-AP24CE) y u i (only for AY-AP18CE/AY-AP24CE) t FAN SPEED SYMBOLS : AUTO o y PLASMACLUSTER SYMBOL u TEMPERATURE AND TIMER COUNT DOWN INDICATOR i TRANSMITTING SYMBOL o TIMER ON/TIMER OFF INDICATOR Indicates when timer on or timer off is set. E-5 USING THE REMOTE CONTROL LOADING BATTERIES Use two size-AAA (R03) batteries. the battery cover at the back of 1 Remove the remote control. batteries in the compartment, mak2 Insert ing sure the ± and — polarities are correctly aligned. • Lines will be indicated on the display when batteries are properly installed. 3 Reinstall NOTES: the battery cover. Battery cover • The battery life is approximately one year in normal use. • When you replace the batteries, always change both batteries, and make sure they are the same type. • If the remote control does not operate properly after replacing the batteries, take out the batteries and reinstall them again after 30 seconds. • If you will not be using the unit for a long time, remove the batteries from the remote control. HOW TO USE THE REMOTE CONTROL Point the remote control towards the unit’s signal receiver window and press the desired button. The unit generates a beep when it receives the signal. • Make sure there is no curtain or other object between the remote control and the unit. • The remote control can send signals from up to 7 metres away. CAUTION • Do not allow the signal receiver window to receive strong direct sunlight, since it can adversely affect its operation. If the signal receiver window is exposed to direct sunlight, close a curtain to block the light. • Using a fluorescent lamp with a quick starter in the same room may interfere with transmission of the signal. [. . . ] AIR CLEAN OPERATION : Cluster ions released into air will eliminate airborne mold fungus and deodorize/decompose odor-causing molecules. REFRESHING OPERATION : Negative ions released into the air will help your physical and mental refreshment. MODE TEMP. 1 FAN TIMER DISPLAY MODE 1h FAN SWING CANCEL • In the AIR CLEAN operation, the blue PLASMACLUSTER lamp on the unit will light up. • In the REFRESHING operation, the green PLASMACLUSTER lamp on the unit will light up. TO CANCEL 1 Press the PLASMACLUSTER button until PLASMACLUSTER symbol on the remote control display goes off. • The PLASMACLUSTER lamp on the unit will turn off. NOTE: • Setting of the PLASMACLUSTER operation will be memorized and will operate in the same mode, the next time you turn on the air conditioner. [. . . ]


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