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[. . . ] Further collection facilities are listed on the homepage of www. swico. ch or www. sens. ch. In the European Union If the product is used for business purposes and you want to discard it: Please contact your SHARP dealer who will inform you about the take-back of the product. You might be charged for the costs arising from take-back and recycling. Small products (and small amounts) might be taken back by your local collection facilities. [. . . ] Do not connect the grounding wire to gas pipe, water pipe, lightning rod or telephone grounding wire. Incomplete grounding may cause electric shock. 12 This appliance is unfit for use in Nordic region. CAUTIONS FOR LOCATION/ INSTALLATION • Make sure to connect the air conditioner to power supply of the rated voltage and frequency. Use of a power supply with improper voltage and frequency can result in equipment damage and possible fire. • Do not install the unit in a place where inflammable gas may leak. Install the unit in a place with minimal dust, fumes and moisture in the air. • Make sure a leak breaker or a circuit breaker is installed, depending on the installation location, to avoid electrical shock. that they do not play with the appliance. anything is abnormal with the air conditioner (ex. 6 Ifa burning smell), stop the operation immediately and turn the circuit breaker OFF. appliance shall be installed in accordance 7 The with national wiring regulations. Improper cable connection can cause the power supply cord, plug and the electrical outlet to overheat and cause fire. the supply cord is damaged, it must be 8 If replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. Use only the manufacture-specified power cord for replacement. E-1 PART NAMES INDOOR UNIT 1 2 3 4 1 Inlet (Air) 2 Open Panel 3 Air Filter 4 Air Purifying Filter 5 AUX. Button 5 6 Receiver Window 7 Power Supply Cord 6 8 Vertical Adjustment Louvre 9 Horizontal Adjustment Louvre 7 8 9 0 q 0 Outlet (Air) q Remote Control w e r t y w PLASMACLUSTER Lamp (blue) e OPERATION Lamp (red r TIMER Lamp (orange ) ) ) ) t POWERFUL JET Lamp (green y SELF CLEAN Lamp (green OUTDOOR UNIT u i o u Inlet (Air) i Refrigerant Tube and Interconnecting Cord o Drainage Hose p Outlet (Air) p NOTE: Actual units might vary slightly from those shown above. E-2 REMOTE CONTROL 1 1 TRANSMITTER 2 DISPLAY (Liquid Crystal Display) 3 PLASMACLUSTER Button 4 DISPLAY Button 2 5 ON/OFF Button 6 THERMOSTAT Button 7 POWERFUL JET Button 8 PROGRESSIVE AIRFLOW Button 9 MODE Button 0 TIMER ON Button (for setting the timer) q TIMER OFF Button (for setting the timer) w ONE-HOUR OFF TIMER Button e TIME ADVANCE Button r TIME REVERSE Button t SELF CLEAN Button y TIMER SET/CANCEL Button u Indicates battery compartment is below this mark : horizontal direction) i SWING Button ( o CLOCK Button p FAN Button a SWING Button ( : vertical direction) ENGLISH 3 4 5 6 DISPLAY MODE 1h CLEAN FAN 7 8 9 0 q w e r t y u i o p a SET/C L. C. D. @ # $ PROGRESSIVE AIRFLOW Symbol SELF CLEAN Symbol PLASMACLUSTER Symbol MODE Symbols : AUTO : COOL : HEAT : DRY !@ # Thermostat setting for AUTO and DRY modes TEMPERATURE Indicator TRANSMITTING Symbol POWERFUL JET Symbol FAN SPEED Symbols : AUTO : LOW : SOFT : HIGH ) Q ) TIMER ON Indicator/CLOCK Indicates the on timer preset time or current time. Q TIMER OFF Indicator Indicates the preset time for off timer or one-hour off timer. E-3 USING THE REMOTE CONTROL LOADING BATTERIES Use two size-AAA (R03) batteries. CAUTION: • Do not allow the signal receiver window to receive strong direct sunlight, since it can adversely affect its operation. If the signal receiver window is exposed to direct sunlight, close a curtain to block the light. • Using a fluorescent lamp with a quick starter in the same room may interfere with transmission of the signal. • The unit can be affected by signals transmitted from the remote control of a television, VCR or other equipment used in the same room. • Do not leave the remote control in direct sunlight or near a heater. Also, protect the unit and remote control from moisture and shock which can discolour or damage them. 1 Remove the remote control cover. Insert batteries in the compartment, 2 making sure the ± and — polarities are correctly aligned. 3 Reinstall the cover. • The display indicates “AM 6:00” when batteries are properly installed. + - + SET CURRENT CLOCK TIME Remote control cover There are two clock modes: 12-hour mode and 24-hour mode. [. . . ] MODE CHANGEOVER During seasons when you need COOLING at daytime and HEATING at night, or if the room temperature should become extremely higher than the temperature setting, due to supplementary heating equipment, the mode will automatically switch between HEAT and COOL mode to keep the comfortable room temperature. • In the DRY mode, the fan speed is preset to AUTO and cannot be changed. To turn off the unit, press the ON/OFF 5 button again. • The red OPERATION lamp ( will turn off. ) on the unit E-6 ADJUSTING THE AIR FLOW DIRECTION VERTICAL AIR FLOW DIRECTION HORIZONTAL AIR FLOW DIRECTION ENGLISH Press the SWING button( 1 mote control once. ) on the re- • The vertical adjustment louvre will swing continuously. Press the SWING button( 1 mote control once. ) on the re- • The horizontal adjustment louvres will swing continuously. the SWING button( ) again when 2 Press the vertical adjustment louvre is at the desired position. • The louvre will stop moving within the range shown in the diagram. Press the SWING button( ) again when 2 the horizontal adjustment louvres are at the desired position. DISPLAY DISPLAY MODE 1h MODE 1h CLEAN FAN CLEAN 1 2 SET/C FAN 1 2 SET/C Adjustment range COOL and DRY modes NOTE: • The adjusted position will be memorized and will be automatically set to the same position when operated the next time. • The sdjustment range is narrower the SWING range in order to prevent condensation from dripping. HEAT mode CAUTION: Never attempt to adjust the louvres manually. • Manual adjustment of the louvres can cause the unit to malfunction. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals предлагает на общественных началах услуги совместного использования, хранения и поиска инструкций по по использованию различного оборудования и программного обеспечения : руководств пользователя, руководств по быстрому началу работы, сведений о технических характеристиках...
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